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Title First Name Last Name Occupation City Country Comments
emer. Prof. Dr. med. Theodor Abelin Spiegel b. Bern Switzerland
Dr. med. Ernst Abelin Berne Switzerland
Dr. phil. Benjamin Adler Historian Berne Switzerland
Rochelle Allebes Supervisorin, Systemtherapeutin, Zürich Switzerland
Dr. Benjamin Ambar Zürich Switzerland
Amsel (f.s.muheim) photographer and writer Zürich Switzerland History shows that reason and love at least defeat fear and hatred. Equal rights and duties, respect and courage (!) will show, that our basic needs and emotions are the same here and there and everywhere. Amsel
Valérie Arato Art Historian Zürich Switzerland
Heinz Aronsky retired 7477 Filisur Switzerland
eric babecoff geneva Switzerland
Mrs Rachel Babecoff Genève Switzerland
Tomer Barnea Zürich Switzerland
Gaby Belz organizational consultant St. Gallen Switzerland
Joav Ben-Shmuel ISN editor Zurich Switzerland
Shelley Berlowitz Historian Zurich Switzerland
Michael Berlowitz Switzerland
Sophie Besset Student Basel Switzerland
Susanna Besset Basel Switzerland
Dr. Noah Birkhäuser Schucan Basel Switzerland
Thomas Bloch Zurich Switzerland
Israel Bollag Geneva Switzerland
Guy Bollag Zurich Switzerland
David Bollag Zurich Switzerland
Nicolas Bonstein Lausanne Switzerland
Dr Michel Borzykowski musician and physician Geneva Switzerland De quel droit peut-on dénier aux Palestiniens le droit à un Etat?
Gerda Bratter Zürich Switzerland
annemieke cantor neunkirch Switzerland
Nadine Caplunik Küsnacht Switzerland
Mrs Doris Charollais Guggenheim Meyrin Switzerland
Marianne Degginger 9008 St. Gallen Switzerland
Dimitri Dolder student zurich Switzerland
Dr. med. Roger Dreyfus Psychiater Basel Switzerland This is the first time I sign a public letter regarding Israel since 1982. After having lived in Israel from 1992-6, I refrained from signing letters critizing Israels politics. However, this letter supports a tendency in Israel that I think is positive.
Sabine Dreyfus Schönenbuch Switzerland
dipl. mat. Bianka Dubler Jonen Switzerland
Hannah Einhaus Journalist Zollikofen/Bern Switzerland I can support the opinion, that a solution of two states will be the best. But I´m very sceptic about the attempt of the Palestinian administration to claim the independence of a Palestinian state in the next months. A peaceful coexistence of two equal partners / countries /societies means more than defining territory, but also good private and business relations. It´s a long process to reach this. A sudden act like intended might therefore be contraproductive.
Sibylle Elam Rüti ZH Switzerland
Dr. Zeki Ergas Ecrivain Genève Switzerland
Nadine Fink Genève Switzerland
Nathan Finkelstein Ingénieur Tannay Switzerland
Caroline Finkelstein retired international official Tannay Switzerland
Ms. Anki Flores Former UN and NGO staff member Geneva Switzerland
Mona Friedrich-Kellenberger Zürich Switzerland
Ilana Ganzfried Socialworker Bern Switzerland
Mr Ron Ganzfried Business Engineer Bern Switzerland
Dr. med. dent. Simone Gerber Katzenfuss Dentist Zumikon Switzerland
Gabrielle Girau Pieck Jewish Feminist Theologian Basel Switzerland
Matthias Goldschmidt Teacher Riehen Switzerland
Branka Goldstein Dipl. Publizistin Zürich Switzerland
Danielle Goren Lausanne Switzerland
batja p. guggenheim-ami st. gallen Switzerland
hans / chanan guggenheim-ami st.gallen Switzerland
Ronnie Gundelfinger Child psychiatrist Zürich Switzerland
Eliza Hauri Zollikerberg Switzerland
Albert Herz Zuerich Switzerland I am against the intolerance which becomes the longer the stronger within the various parties in Israel and between Jews and Gentiles, particularly Arabs
Dorrie Iten-Gilden Uster Switzerland
Dr. med. David H. Katzenfuss Physician Zumikon Switzerland
Lisa Kellenberger Zürich Switzerland
Mr. Uli Kern Zurich Switzerland
Mrs Leah Kimber Student Geneva Switzerland
Lili Kohn-Fischlewitz Zollikerberg Switzerland
Dr. med. Thomas Kroner Physician Winterthur Switzerland
Katrin Johanna Kroner Zurich Switzerland
lic. phil.I Patricia Kunstenaar Schneider Psychoanalyst Zürich Switzerland
Miss Martine Leuchter psychologue Geneva Switzerland
Conference Interpret dina Lévias as above, retired Geneva Switzerland
Professor René Levy retired university professor Mézières Switzerland
Ehud Levy Education Dinhard Switzerland
Philippe Lévy former Ambassador Berne Switzerland
Peter Liatowitsch Advokat, Notar, Mediator Basel Switzerland
Susanna Lindtberg 4142 Münchenstein Switzerland
Roberta Locher-Dworkin Psychotherapist Zürich Switzerland
Frau Béatrice Maerki physician Berne Switzerland
Judith Markish librarian Geneva Switzerland
Selina Masé Zürich Switzerland
Aline Masé student Ziefen Switzerland
Jardenah Masé-Goldberg Aerztin Ziefen Switzerland
dipl. arch. eth astrid matathias architect, landscape architect zürich Switzerland es ist höchste zeit den unterbrochenen dialog weiterzuführen.
Annette Chana Matur-Weiss Federal Office of Migration Bern Switzerland
René-Simon Meyer Tradeunionist Geneva Switzerland
Billy Hans Joseph Meyer Berater und Texte Basel Switzerland
Brigitte Meyer Projectmanager and Musician St.Gallen Switzerland
Lucien Michel Solothurn Switzerland
Henri Mugier Socialworker Bern Switzerland
Vreni Osterwalder-Bollag Zürich Switzerland
Annette Paltzer Zürich Switzerland
Yael Parish Filmmaker Zurich Switzerland
Hortense Pollatschek 3513 Bigenthal Switzerland
michel rappaport zürich Switzerland
Berta Rasumowsky Zurich Switzerland
Ms Jenny Rice retired Lausanne Switzerland
Michael Richter Fotograf Zürich Switzerland
Nina Richter Zürich Switzerland
Marta Rodenkirch Social Education 9479 Oberschan Switzerland I join the petition with conviction and hope, so that we will be succeed. Marta Rodenkirch
Dr. phil. Samuel Rom Zürich Switzerland
gabi rosenberg thalwil Switzerland
Mr Georges Rosenfeld retired Neuchâtel Switzerland my hope is high, my believing of good will on both sides is low
Ursula Rosenzweig President Swiss Friends of Givat Haviva Forch Switzerland
Master Raina Ruschmann Child Psychologist Home Town Zuerich/ current address Vienna Switzerland
lic.iur. Michael Salzer Attorney / Mediator Zurich Switzerland
Hanna Salzer Zürich Switzerland
Mrs. Fay Salzmann Geneva Switzerland I believe in this, however under the present political circumstances in the State of Israel, it's an impossible dream!
Felix Sandri editor Lausanne Switzerland Why this appeal addresses only Jewish people? I think the non-Jewish too should sign it.
Alexandra Schader Fachfrau Psychiatrie 8608 Bubikon Switzerland
Anna Schinz Zurich Switzerland
Felix Schneider Journalist 4051 Basel Switzerland
Nelly Soder Basel Switzerland
Miriam Victory Spiegel Zürich Switzerland
Jack Steinberger Physicist, Nobel Laureate. Geneva Switzerland
lic. phil. Ursula Stemmle Psychotherapeutin Zürich Switzerland
Dr. J. Stern Zürich Switzerland
Judith Stocker-Jacobsohn Berg TG Switzerland
Marion Eve Stöckli retired 8800 Thalwil Switzerland
Ben Tanner Sozialpädagoge Kreuzlingen Switzerland
Jael Treubig Basel Switzerland
Moritz Truninger Zürich Switzerland
Annina Truninger Psychologin Zürich Switzerland
Bettina Truninger artist/painter Zurich Switzerland
Raffael Ullmann occupational therapist Zurich Switzerland
M.D. Ivan Verny Psychiatrist Zürich Switzerland How much outer pressure needs to be exercised to force a goverment to re-think and especially to respect other views?
David Walters psychotherapist 1172- Bougy Switzerland
Shlomit Wehrli Zürich Switzerland
Andreas Weil Zurich Switzerland
Jochi Weil-Goldstein Zürich Switzerland
Mrs. silvia Weiss music teacher 8105 Regensdorf Switzerland
Dr. Claudio Weiss Leadership Consultant Männedorf Switzerland
Dr. phil. I Raffael Wieler Basel Switzerland
Angelika Wieler Psychotherapist Zürich Switzerland
Dr. med. Samuel Wiener Psychiatrist Hombrechtikon Switzerland
Ethel Wiener Uster Switzerland
Eva Winizki Organisationspsychologin 8049 Zürich Switzerland ein Hoffnungsschimmer zeigt sich am Ende des langen dunklen Tunnels
David Winizki MD Zurich Switzerland
Robin Winogrond Landscape Architect Zürich Switzerland
Ada Winter Geschäftsführerin Stäfa Switzerland
Miriam Wolf Psychotherapy Rodersdorf Switzerland May there be two states which learn to recognise each other and may people learn to respect each other.
Uri Ziegele Projektleiter und Dozent Liebefeld/Bern Switzerland
Dr. med. Stefan Zlot Physician Bern Switzerland
Arik Zucker Zurich Switzerland
sharon zucker zurich Switzerland

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